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Aftermorning – Superlative [Pulsar Recordings]

Aftermorning – Superlative [Pulsar Recordings]




AfterMorning is an Indian Trance Music Band formed in 2010 by Anup Prabahkar , Dj Mer’c (Prashant Gupta) & Abhishek Yesugade. It’s time to welcome this highly talented Indian trance trio to Pulsar Recordings, with probably their biggest release yet!


Aftermorning – Superlative (Original Mix):

Building the track layer by layer, ‘Superlative’ grabs your attention when that dreamy piano line gets introduced. An ethnic vox teases a great break to come. Powered by mild breakbeat, the main lead slowly unravels, finally exploding into a synth-laden euphoria! A fine production to make a memorable debut on Pulsar!


Aftermorning – Superlative (Dave Cold Remix):

The mighty German takes the charge of remixing this melodic gem and turns it into a powerful uplifter. The agressive acid line takes the energy level up several notches, only to take you to the heavenly break. That lovely piano motif further accentuates the central theme of the original, while the magical synth riff lets you lose in its blissed out melodies!







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September 18th, 2014

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