Join Us


Join Us

We are currently looking for Avid Trance Listener,Passionate and skilled writers to contribute to our website! there will be basic responsibilities like

  • Preview upcoming events
  • Review music related events, shows, festivals, and private sets
  • Listen to and review unreleased work from your favorite artists
  • Exclusive interviews etc.

You can Contribute in this area’s

Mail at

> [email protected]

> [email protected]


Record Label :- Finding Talents, Selecting artists, Remix artists, You have bit of knowledge in Production skills or How the sounds should be?

Digital Media :- Interviews, Reviews, Updates, News, Hardware, Software, other forms.

Promotions : Artist Promotions, Events, Festivals, Local gigs, Radioshows :- Support, Promote, Reach, Live tracklisting , & more.

Public Relations :- How can you deal with the managers, professionals in the industry be it the clubs, sponsors, partners, other individuals?

Graphics :- Making logos, Flyers, Banners, Gigs, and other forms of artworks for celebrations.

Managing Team :- To coordinate with the other fellow team members, suggestions, implementations to / for the good essence of TFI


We need a TEAM full of passionate people who can dedicated some blood and sweat to make this Trance world a better place & at the end you witness the power of Social media by your contribution.

Let us be as informal like we are at a club, let’s make Trance a better world to live in.

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Spread it,show some Social Love.