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John Dopping – The Formula (Free Download)

John Dopping – The Formula (Free Download)

John Dopping  is back with one more Freebie, “The Formula” a perfect example of what a Progressive Trance should be! being a musician from long time and Audio engineer, his signature style of Trance, Breaks with a tint of Psychedelic Trance has certainly made his place in this Trance Music Industry, john used to play drums in Jazz bands and before that he was  amongst the nu-metal generation kids, he joined Borderline Music in 2012 and gave some really creative tunes and produced album for them Words in Colour” .

Recently he stared his own label “Research & Development” with upcoming talent Alan Ruddick this cutting edge label with some of the most creative trance music releases

The Formula is not John’s Signature breaks style track,but a perfectly executed track which tries to bring back the old subtle Progressive Trance routes,the track starts with a deep progressive psychedelic style bassline followed by soothing lush melody & beautifully crafted Breakdown along with crisp effects in background to give it a unique flavor. Enjoy this track & feel free to share 🙂


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October 21st, 2015

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