Aiera – Inbound EP (TFIR 002)

Aiera – Inbound EP (TFIR 002)
Uplifting Trance
Release date
20 October 2012
Aiera – Inbound EP (TFIR 002)
20 October 2012 | Uplifting Trance

Aiera – Inbound EP (TFI Records) TFIR 002

After a smashing debut, TFI Records rises once again with another shining duo of tracks, from another upcoming trance titan: Ryan Petersen aka Aiera, all the way from Australia.

The first track of the pack is ‘Inbound’, which has all the virtuosity to shake the emotional core of the soul. With the warmest of piano lines to the dreamy vocal chops, let the sureral harmonious atmosphere guide you to the neverland. A homage to the old school uplifting trance!

Continuing the enlightening journey of ‘Inbound’, on the flip side we have another melodic storm waiting to unravel. A subtle groove sets the pace, while an inquisitive lead rolls on the wings of heavenly backing vocals. ‘Ayres’ is another example of succelent vibes of trance!

Tracks :

1) Aiera – Ayres (Original Mix)

2) Aiera – Inbound (Original Mix)