Astral Projection Talks India tour & Music

Astral Projection Talks India tour & Music

Astral Projection Interview

TFI talks with Astral Projection on their Recent India Tour & Music Scene 

 Hello guys we are Trance for Infinity Asia active & passionate Trance Community We’re glad to be associated with this major event, a couple of questions for you:


  • How did you guys get into psy music, and which was the influencing part which made you opt for psytrance genre over other genres?

I don’t think we got into psy, because there was no psytrance when we got into it. So maybe we were like part of the founders. We started in 1988, 28 years ago. I had been listening and Avi was playing the acid house sound from Chicago, where no one was playing it in a club. We knew each other from before, from a different club we used to go out to – from the punk/new-wave days. There we hooked up and started to make music together. It took years before it was Astral Projection, but that’s when it all started.

  • How do you guys think Goa is playing an influential part in promoting Psychedelic Trance music in India and elsewhere?

           The most important part is to go out! Goa is the root of Goa trance and the hippie movement that started early & wonderful promoters here in India are doing fantastic job as well.

  • How would you like to describe current psytrance music scene in India and the scene elsewhere? In which part of the globe do you see the psytrance booming?

There were many ups and down over time, in India also now the scene is rising high getting the real thing! E.g. in Japan it was up and then Down and then up again. It is very dynamic.

  • How bright is the future of psytrance music?

          Now I think people are kind of looking for a little bit into the roots, I’m happy to say this as a musician people are really happy to see that not only the psytrance culture,t-shirts & other things but people actually looking for the depth of the music.

  • Any tours you’re going to take?

         26, 27,28th February 2016 in Goa at Shalom Festival

Thank you so much for the interview & specially Liquid Art Entertainment & Rebel Events for Astral Projection’s Amazing India tour 2015


Guys on a final note Any Message for our Trance for Infinity Fans in India?

AP:  guys keep the infinity going 🙂 love from Astral projection


December 10th, 2015



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