Indian Artist Feature – Jay Ramani

Indian Artist Feature – Jay Ramani
Birth name
Jay Ramani
Psychedelic Trance,Techno
Years active
2009 Till Now

Indian Artist Feature - Jay Ramani

This December 2015 our Exclusive Indian Artist Feature – Jay Ramani

Bio: Jay Ramani’s eclectic sets know just how to hit the sweet spot. Striking a balance between what people
already like, and something new that’ll get their feet moving, this is an artist who knows how to appreciate
the fat basslines, deep grooves and glorious beats of the various sub-genres of electronic music.His musical journey starting in 2005,

when the electronic dance music scene really started picking up in
the country. He was introduced to progressive house, funk house and proper house in the top clubs and
lounge bars in Mumbai, but it was when he heard Paul Van Dyk for the first time that he found himself
completely mindblown. “From then on, I started observing very closely how people respond to music,”
he says.

Sounds You Can Expect From A Jay Ramani Set
Weaving together a heady range of soundscapes, this is a DJ as happy to dish out some
dancefloor-friendly techno, progressive house and deep house as he is to play some straight-up
psytrance .

Jay Ramani TFI Artist Feature

Dropping several unreleased tracks in his sets, he aims to keep audiences on their toes with a fresh and
unique experience every time.Over the years, he has developed the ability to read the crowd and their energy, and to gauge the aural
space depending on his time slot and the venue; he then delivers carefully handpicked tunes which are
Dancefloor-Friendly while still retaining an evolving storyline.

“I want to create a collective adrenaline rush with my music — to forge a connection with the audience
as an artist, as well as give them a collective, intense trancedance experience where they can vibe
positively,” Jay explains.

Highlights of the Journey
The uplifting and energetic electronic music he heard in the clubs in Mumbai made an indelible impact on
him, and he soon started borrowing CDs from friends and going to more parties in Mumbai with similar
sounds. This was also when he started collecting tunes that would add to his repertoire, educating himself
about deeper sounds and starting to craft sets that create an surrealistic experimental vibe.Jay has played at top venues and festivals in a range of places including Kasol, Goa, Mumbai and Pune.
He’s also played at Asia’s biggest festival Sunburn Goa 2014, and the highlight of the year 2015 for him
would be his DJ set at the Munch Productions party at Kasol, where he played for a 2000+ strong global
audience celebrating the auspicious Israeli New Year.

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