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Artist Focus October – Beat Service Interview

Artist Focus October – Beat Service Interview

Beat Service Interview

Exclusive Interview with TFI’s Artist Focus of the October ‘Beat Service’ & Talks about his new album ‘Focus’

Hailing from Estonia, this progressive trance veteran has come a long way since he made a splash in the scene in 2008. Known for his ultra-energetic big room trance music, Madis Sillamo aka Beat Service has been delivering consistent quality tracks since a long time, and has garnered support of all A-list DJs including regular plays on ASOT. Beat Service’s debut album ‘Focus‘ is ready for release now, and we sat down with him for a quick chat about his music, album and much more.

You can buy his album “Focus” here – Beatport

1) Hi Madis, this is TRANCE FOR INFINITY from India and thank you for this opportunity to interview you! So, on what corner of earth are you at the moment?

Hi guys, my pleasure! At the moment I’m in Spain, Palma de Mallorca. Some time off with my family.

2) so first of all, tell us about your early years. How did you get into electronic music?

It happened in early 2000s when I started deejaying in commercial clubs and after a while I realized I want to get more involved with the Industry and not just play the top 40 hits. I was always fascinated by the beautiful melodies so trance was my choice nr 1.

3) Tell us about your very first production. Did you learn music production by yourself or you had a mentor who helped you through the technical intricacies?

I learned everything myself, slowly but surely after my daytime job I was messing around with different DAWs and after a while it just got easier. Of course I was a member of different producer’s forums where you could get producing tips, but mostly I figured out everything myself.

4) what’s your current studio setup? Do you still use any hardware for production?

I’m using PC with loads of software, my main weapon is Cubase and yes, I still use some hardware. My favorite synth Virus TI and a lot of uad powered plugins. My monitors are Dynaudio BM6A x2.

5) How much time and effort do you spend on creating the track and what’s the usual process like? Any usual sources of inspiration? 

There’s no formula whenever creating a track. Sometimes you start with breakdown, sometimes with bassline or with the melody. For me, I think melody is the most important thing, so a lot of times I start with that. As for the inspiration, I get it from other tracks, movies, people etc…

6) Your recent rework of the trance classic ‘Cafe del mar’ was amazing, and received a huge support from all over. Could you please share how this track came to life?

Thanks! I actually made this track as a bootleg for my live gigs to play, but it came out so good, we’ll decided to release it. I’m not usually remakes kind of producer, but that one was a must!

7) Tell us more about your record label: Beat Service Audio. How has the first 3 years been and what are your plans for near future? 

It’s been great. Mostly I release my own stuff there, but when there’s a talent out there I like, they will surely find a spot in my release schedule. Over the years there has been quite many releases from the likes of SpaceRockerz, Rafael Frost and many more.

8) So, let’s focus now on your debut artist album: Focus. When did you decide that it was time to go for a full-length album?

I’ve been releasing singles for about 5 years now so it really was perfect time for the album. When you release a single it fades away quite fast, but with an album you’ll leave a mark. I think that’s important.

9) You’ve collaborated with some of the top female vocalists like Ana Criado and Sarah Lynn. How was the overall production process? 

The way it works, is that i will send over an instrumental demo to the writer, who then have a studio session with the singer and they will come up with the lyrics and melody for it. After that we exchange our ideas and when the vocals are recorded I’ll do my magic. Usually the first demo and the end result are 200% different. I like to play around with tracks, so that the end result would be perfect.

10) What are your personal music preferences? Which are the artists whose work you love the most, not specific to any genre?

I really listen everything. From pop to classical stuff. For example Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, Eric Prydz, Calvin Harris, Robin Schulz to name a few.

11) How much active are you on social media? Do you find it helpful to get feedback from your fans?

I’m very active and yes, feedback from the fans is really important to me. I wouldn’t be here without my fans, I take any criticism very seriously.

12) What would be your most memorable gigs in the recent time?

My last Australia tour with Cosmic Gate was definitely one for the books. Also gigs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina USA and Canada has been my favorite ones. I love big cities, festivals but also that intimate club feeling.

13) So any interesting projects (or collabs) on the horizon, for which we should keep our ears open to?

At the moment I’m taking some time off, as I just released an album. There will be few single releases from the album as well, gonna start working on some new music soon. Keep an eye out for any updates on my social media pages.

Thank you guys for having me!

Interview by – Shrey Shah

(Digital Media, Trance for Infinity)



Connect with Beat Service – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


October 1st, 2015

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